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Золотой спонсор


Address: 117105 Moscow, Warsaw Highway, 35, p. 1, of. 317
Phone: +7(499)703-14-73
E-mail: info@huahong-rus.ru, www.huahong-rus.ru

LLC “Huhun-RUS” is an exclusive distributor of Jiangsu Huahong Technology, the largest manufacturer of scrap processing equipment in China. Engineering center and advanced production technologies guarantee high quality and reliable operation of the equipment supplied to 60 countries. . A wide range of products (starting with alligator shears, scrap metal baling presses, waste automobile dismantling equipment to scrap metal shears and shredders), the ability to manufacture machines according to individual needs and short production time, allow you to effectively integrate equipment into the production cycle of any enterprise from a scrap plant to a steel mill.


Avangard BankBank Avangard
Address: 115035, Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya str., 12, build. 1
Tel: + 7 (495) 737-7373, 234-2324
E-mail: info@avangard.ru, www.avangard.ru

Avangard Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Russia. Founded in 1994, the General License of the Bank of Russia № 2879. More than 120 thousand corporate and 1 million private clients, 300 offices in 75 cities of Russia. The Bank offers its customers free Internet banking, mobile applications, round-the-clock technical support. We provide a wide range of integrated cash & settlement services, including Internet overdraft, payroll credit, Internet acquiring, a range of foreign trade services. There are special products for the industry of ferrous recycling and metal wastes: cash card withdrawal, cards accountable for the members of the territorial sites, quick transfers to the cards of the scrap deliverers.

MetsoAddress of the representative office in the Russian Federation: 129090 Moscow, Botanical Lane, D. 5
Tel: + 7 495 7398880, Mob.: + 7 985 977 50 76
E-mail: Sergey.babushkin@metso.com, recycling.info.ru@metso.com

Metso Recycling is a leading scrap processing equipment producer, with customers in the scrap recycling, mining, oil, gas and aggregates industries. The product offering comprises hydraulic shears, shredders, baling and briquette presses, wear protection products, wear and spare parts, after-market services. Metso’s cutting-edge services and solutions improve availability and reliability in scrap processing and minerals providing sustainable process and profit improvements. Company offers a wide range of efficient solutions for the fragmentation, compaction and separation of virtually every type of scrap metal and waste.

CRANE center KAMAZ LLC423800, Republic of Tatarstan, City of Nabereznye Chelny, industrial and communal zone, industrial zone, Production passage, House 45, Office 302 b
Tel.:-8 (8552) 915252
E-mail: prcck@kamaz.ru, http://cranecenter.ru

CRANE center KAMAZ LLC is a joint venture of KAMAZ PTC and PALFINGER AG. The company specializes in the production of KAMAZ trucks with lifting equipment imported and domestically produced. Every year we expand the range of special equipment (trucks with cranes, timber trucks, recycling trucks, hook loaders, etc.), increasing capacity. The total area of production areas – 4150 m2. Production capabilities: 120 units. of special equipment of different types every month. The company has its own professional engeneer teem that uses only licensed products. The company owns ISO certificates and other necessary certificates for production.

ALMAZ121069, Russia, Moscow, tablecloth per. 18
Phone Number: + 7 (495) 266-63-81
E-mail: info@almaz-t.ru, http://www.almaz-t.ru

Almaz Ltd . – IT company, since 2008 successfully working in the field of development, system integration, information security, systems of electronic document circulation, deployment and support of information and telecommunication infrastructure Companies, automation of work of financial services on the basis of products of company 1c and other accounting systems.

The specialization of LLC ALMAZ is the automation of the main business processes of large companies – in terms of creating payment processing systems in the metallurgical industry.

The company has a unique experience in the implementation and development of complex projects based on its own technological developments – software products of the ARM family. To date, more than 100 legal entities have been connected to the AWS “KASSA-LOM” system, over 600 sets of AWS “KASSA-LOM” and AWS “DOCUMENTS-LOM” have been installed.

Золотой спонсор EWEEES



SEDA140054 Russia, MO, Kotellniki, Novoryazanskoye Highway, 6, Office 26
Tel / Fax : + 7 (495) 940-96-89
E-mail: seda-auto@mail.ru, www.seda-auto.ru, www.seda-international.com

SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH is an organization certified by the ISO9001 Standard, which deals with the development, production and marketing of equipment and systems for autorecing.

SEDA is a certified company that is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling ELV de-pollution technology, stations and specialized tools and equipment for the car recycling industry.

We have been active for 40 years and have led the industry for 20 years. As a pioneer with a foundation in reality and expertise, we pass our know-how on to our customers.

SEDA products are characterised by their excellent durability and an effective return on investment. For us, quality means passing on our knowledge, manufacturing good products and making our customers happy, and sustainability means also being there for the customer once the sale is completed.

swissrtecMario Zoellig, Director general
Tel.: + 41 71 686 80 40
E-mail: info@swissRTec.ch, www.swissRTec.ch

Swissrtec is located in Switzerland and is the leading technological supplier of processing equipment and facilities for scrap metal processing, car shredding residues (ASR), cables, printed circuit boards, mixed scrap metal, of copper cores, motors, etc. Successful projects have been implemented all over the world. The core component of the SRT1 plant is the Kubota Vertical Shredder with its ability to liberate and downsize material in a single step. The heart of the SRT2 plant is the swissRTec Delamination Mill. The plants are set up in modules and can be combined and upgraded. swissRTec offers also additional processes for further separation of the output materials. The latest development is a line for the separation of precious metals from dust. The latest development is a line for the separation of precious metals from dust.

TOMRA SortingAddress: House of German Economy | 1-y Kazachiy Pereulok, 7, Etazh 1, komnata 5. | Moscow 119017 | Russian Federation
Tel. + 7 (495) 970 45 98
E-mail: Maria.Esina@tomra.com, www.tomra.com, www.tomra.ru

TOMRA Sorting is a technological leader and pioneer in the field of sensor-based sorting for the waste and metal processing industry. The main goal of the company is to support customers with expert consultation and sorting machines to upgrade their plants and create long term success. TOMRA Sorting has been working in the Russian market since 2011 with a local office in Moscow.

With over 55000 sorting units installed in more than 50 countries, TOMRA has been able to gather excellent knowledge of different waste streams and approaches to sort them. TOMRA develops the technology and equipment necessary to separate different material streams efficiently which range from car shredder residues to aluminum recycling and electronic scrap in the metal recycling industry. For the waste sector our solutions cover municipal solid waste, post-consumer plastics, paper sorting and others.

STEINERTTel.: +49 163 4984901
E-mail: boris.anders@steinert.de, steinert.de
Contact person: Boris Anders

STEINERT provides solutions for the separation of valuable materials, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs. In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, we operate in the resource recovery and mining sectors. In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, we operate in the resource recovery and mining sectors.

STEINERT is a global leader in consulting, manufacturing, installation and services in sensor sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology.

Based in Cologne for 129 years, and with around 300 employees worldwide. STEINERT provides a global network to support its customers with local contacts and local expertise.

urtAddress: AM Hammersteig 5a,
97753 Karlstadt, Germany
Tel: + 49 (0) 9353 9068-0

For more than 20 years, URThas been planning and developing disposal and recycling plants for electrical and electronic end-of-life appliances. Customers are supported from the project planning and approval stage through to project realisation and also during operation through our after-sales team.
By focusing on electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), URT has become an established specialist in this field. In addition to the core business of refrigerator disposal, the disposal of printed circuit boards has become increasingly important during recent years.

For printed circuit boards, URT offers different treatment concepts. Its scope extends to mechanical treatment and pyrolysis plants, as well as production of metal concentrates containing precious metals.

Products and services
URT delivers processing plants for the following materials:

  • Cooling devices and air-conditioning units
  • Small household appliances
  • IT equipment
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Toner cartridges
  • CRT display devices
  • Flat-screen devices with mercury-containing backlights

Серебряный спонсор EWEEES

Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbHAddress: Gewerbestraße 6 | D-86859 igling
Telefon: + 49 8191 9652-0
E-Mail: infoline@erdwich.de, www.erdwich.com


As a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company, ERDWICH can draw on over 35 years of experience to offer superior services in recycling and shredder technology.
Shredders, custom solutions, turnkey recycling facilities and a global service form our core competencies, all supported on a day-to-day basis by our passionate and committed team.
More than 6,900 machines in over 91 countries throughout the world are the calling card for our unique and successful corporate philosophy, which places our customers and their needs at the centre of our decisions and actions – with no ifs or buts.

Whether you’re looking to process metal swarf, refrigeration units, electronic scrap, printed circuit boards, cardboard, plastics, special or bulky waste – we have the solution you need.
And ERDWICH is also your professional partner if you want to completely rethink your approach. After all, our Test Centre puts us in a position to hone your requirements to perfection under real-world conditions and create the environment required for convincingly implementing every last detail of your investment project.

Owner-managed, with personal, dedicated support, short response times and a comprehensive service portfolio, we give you first-class quality, “Made in Bavaria”. Get to know us. Find out more at www.erdwich.com

mercury recovery technology


MTBQuartier de la Gare 38460 Trept – FRANCE
Mob. +7 916 002 47 42 +33 474 929 936
Е-mail : russia@mtb.fr

is a unique model in the world of recycling. As a French operator/manufacturer, we know customers’ issues, we master technologies, we offer best solutions. Pioneer and innovative, we develop the future recycling processes : coming wastes and containerized, turnkey chopping solution.

With 36 years of experience, the MTB group has acquired unquestionable expertise in waste recycling (Cables, WEEE, Shredding residues, Tires, Industrial wastes).
MTB guarantees highest quality on the market.

Dedicated to the installation and assembly of MTB machines, plants and solutions both in France and overseas, the MTB subsidiary is responsible for providing a complete service throughout the sale of group products.

NOVAMETAddress: 620014, Yekaterinburg, Bank Lane, house 8
Tel: + 7 (343) 202-1000, + 7-908-914-1000
E-mail: info@novamet.gold, www.novamet.gold

The NOVAMET Group of Companies engages in purchasing and processing of metal scrap and precious and non-ferrous metals-containing waste. Among our customers there are airlines, big scrap collectors, and manufacturing and producing companies from different regions of Russia. The NOVAMET core business is processing of precious and non-ferrous metals-containing scrap and waste, and wholesale trade in precious metals. The Group of Companies has an operation in its structure for in-house metals processing which puts out precious metal concentrates. We are headquartered in Ekaterinburg, with business units operating in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Magadan, and other cities.

ccsservicesAddress: 121351, Moscow, ul. Ivan Franko, D. 48, p. 4
Tel: + 7 (495) 626 59 43
E-mail: info@ccsservices.ru, http://www.ccsservices.ru

Portable instruments for rapid analysis of the metals, alloys, and crude ores chemical composition:

  • Handheld and stationary XRF spectrometers Thermo NITON
  • Handled- LIBS spectrometers Rigaku Katana
  • Stationary laboratory spark OE spectrometers Arun

Instruments are oriented for the PMI of metal-rolls, raw materials and stock quality control, analysis during the melting and casting, final product quality control of ferrous and nonferrous alloy.
Equipments are optimal adapted for the industrial welfare and provide rapid and simple sample preparation analysis. We provide full chain of equipment supplying: consulting, shipment, training, service, consumables.

Taurus MotorsAddress: 420059 The Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan. St. Daurskaya, 12a
Tel: + 7 (917) 397-61-86, + 7 (843) 570-20-46, + 7 (950) 316 76 78
E-mail: taurusprom@gmail.com, info@taurustrade.ru, www.taurusmotors.ru

Taurus Motors is a manufacturer of scrap lorries, cable processing machines, grabs and spare parts for hydraulic manipulators and excavators. Professional company delivers and makes a service of the scrap metal processing equipment as a dealer of TAURUS, HWH Machines, PALFINGER, MISTRA, HYDRAULIKA PETRAS, EKOP (RIKO), VTN Europe, QD, Mayslynn brands.

BISNESORBITAAddress: 115580 Moscow, Zadonskiy PR-D 16-1-340
Tel.: 8 (495) 749 33 82
E-mail: bisnesorbita@mail.ru, http://www.bisnesorbita.ru

Since 2005, BISNESORBITA Ltd. offers products of Chinese manufacturers for processing scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For the time of the company’s operation, more than 350 units were delivered to the CIS countries. All products sold on the territory of Russia have certificates of conformity. All products sold on the territory of Russia have certificates of conformity. At present, we are repairing, servicing, improving, modernizing existing and supplied equipment. Our specialists have visited many enterprises of China. Today we can offer only high-quality products of the best Chinese manufacturers.

Megareks196084, St. Petersburg, NAB. Obvodny Channel D. 118 Corp. 17a
Tel: + 7 (812) 602-16-36
E-mail: info@megarex.ru, http://www.megarex.ru

MegaRex– we supply full range of scrap handling and scrap processing equipment!

Equipment made by best worldwide producers. High quality service. Huge stock of spare parts.

Atlas – worldwide well known German quality material handlers Dynaset – Hydraulic Magnet
Generators from Finland Can be installed at any kind of hudraulic machine LaBounty – pioneer in producing
scrap shears. The biggest cutting force in a market!

Idromec – leader of US shear-baller market! Produce powerfull and reliable equipment for heavy scrap recycling

We keep in touch with our customers to provide them best solution for their business!

qiwi117648, Moscow, Мkr. Chertanovo Severa, D. 1a, Corp. 1
Tel: + 7 (495) 231-36-45
E-mail: bankinfo@qiwi.ru, https://qiwi.com

QIWI is a leading provider of next generation payment and financial services in Russia and the CIS. It has an integrated proprietary network that enables payment services across online, mobile and physical channels. It has deployed over 20.8 million virtual wallets, over 149,000 kiosks and terminals, and enabled merchants and customers to accept and transfer over RUB 89 billion cash and electronic payments monthly connecting over 47 million consumers using its network at least once a month. QIWI’s consumers can use cash, stored value and other electronic payment methods in order and pay for goods and services or transfer money across virtual or physical environments interchangeably.

ARDEN EQUIPMENT109316, Moscow, Volgograd Ave., 26, pp. 1
Tel: + 7 (495) 660-20-17
E-mail: info@arden-equipment.ru, www.arden-equipment.ru

ARDEN EQUIPMENT is a French manufacturer of mechanical & hydraulic attachments for reloading machines, excavators & hydraulic cranes. Our range includes hydraulic scrap shears for cutting metal, rails & sheet metal, various sorting grabs & scrap grabs for metal.

KWINTMADI141441 Moscow Region, Solnecchgorskiy District, Elino, Territory industrial Zone, possession 1, building № 1
Tel: 8-800-333-56-63
E-mail: info@kwintmadi.ru, http://www.kwintmadi.ru

KWINTMADI company is supplier of road construction, crushing, screening, concrete placing and log handling equipment. The geographical areas covered by the company is Russia. Company partners are the world leading manufacturers for the range of equipment: Sennebogen, Gomaco, Terex, Powerscreen.

TransLom105005, Moscow, per. B. Demidovskiy, D. 12
Tel: + 7 (495) 663-12-58
E-mail: info@translom.ru, http://www.translom.ru

TransLom is a successful and dynamically developing group of companies, established in 2007 to improve the efficiency of processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. It is engaged in the development of new innovative technologies in the field of handling hazardous industrial waste, disposal and advanced processing of scrap. TransLom is the only scrap metal company in the Russian Federation with an extensive network of licensed scrap processing sites throughout Russia.

TorgKoms-GroupMoscow region, Luberetsky R-he, p. Kraskovo, ul. Factory, D. 2
Tel: + 7 (499) 705-97-93
E-mail: info@torg-koms.ru, http://torg-koms.ru

Container Building Factory of TorgKoms-Group is engaged in production and sale of containers and cargo beds for transportation of scrap metal, rolled metal products, as well as of containers for the ‘Multilift’ ( hook and lift) system.

TorgKoms-Group LLC has five production facilities with total production area of 13,000 square meters.

Our own design bureau allows to continuously improve the design of our containers, and modern production facilities day-to-day improves the quality of the manufactured products. Clients of our company are largest metallurgic and scrap collector companies of Russia, as well as regional operators dealing with solid household wastes. TorgKoms-Group LLC guarantees the quality of the manufactured products, warranty is issued for all our products, and also we provide post-warranty maintenance and repair of containers. Sincerely yours, collective of TorgKoms-Group LLC.

Metallokassa644036, Omsk, ul. 2nd Kazakhstan, 1/1
Tel: + 7 (3812) 5 13286
E-mail: metallokassa@bk.ru, http://www.metallokassa.ru

MetallostassaGP was founded in 2003. and for 16 years has been receiving/processing colored and black scrap metal and has collection points in every district of the city, which allows you to offer the best prices in the market and quality service on modern equipment. Metal metal cassa has an extensive fleet of freight and special transport.

Metalallascas has stepped up work towards the reception/processing of broken steel, rare earth metals (tin, babbits, swells) and electronic scrap.

Metalallascas manufactures and sells aluminium alloys and is certified in this area by iSO 9001:2015 quality management Systems.

ATMJosef Ressel Gasse 88753 Fohnsdorf Austria
Tel: + 7 909 907 32 74 (RUS), + 375 29 624 10 80 (by), + 7 499 350 00 75 (RUS)
E-mail: s.matsko@atm-recyclingsystems.com, www.atm-recyclingsystems.com

Proposed solutions and equipment:
ArnoBrik – Briquette press and shaving line
ArnoPress – Automated presses for lightweight scrap
ArnoCut – High-performance press scissors for scrap
ArnoBreak – Unique iron crushers and rails
ArnoShred – Universal shredders for shavings, plastic, mixed materials, household appliances, electronic scrap
ArnoSort – Mixed Materials Sorting Systems

DIMET GmbH & Co. KG610046 Kirov City, ul. Roman Yerdyakov, 42,
Tel./Fax: + 7 (8332) 411-511 (multichannel)
E-mail: market@dimetm.ru

DIMET was founded in 2000 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of lifting equipment.

  • lifting cranes (bridge, goat, console);
  • Lifting magnets for different types of cargo;
  • Electro-permanent magnets
  • Grabs for scrap metal and bulk materials;
  • all kinds of iron selates (suspended, self-loading, pulley);
  • Electromagnet and iron-senotator control systems;
  • Power sources for electromagnets
  • Traverses;
  • cable drums.

Liebherr-Rusland Ltd.121059 Moscow, Russia. St. 1st Borodinskaya, D. 5
Tel: + 7 (495) 645 63-40, + 7 (495) 710-83-65
E-mail: info@liebherr.com, www.liebherr.com

Liebherris one of the leading suppliers of handling equipment, designed to work at landfills for the recycling and processing of domestic and industrial waste, as well as scrap metal. Liebherr’s portfolio covers front loaders with bucket capacity ranging from 2.0 to 11.0 m³, bulldozers in classes from 17t to 50t and full rotary (re)loaders equipped with double-jaw, multi-jaw and sorting grabs, and quick-change adapters. On the territory of the Russian Federation, Liebherr maintains its own network of service centers and warehouses. In this vein, Liebherr guarantees fast delivery of spare parts and prompt response of the service department in any region of the country.

Nevskie Vesyi197374, St. Petersburg, ul. Optics, D. 4, lit. Ah, Pom. 11-N
Tel.: 8 (800) 775-84-02
E-mail: sale@vesservice.com, http://vesservice.com

A group of companies Nevskie Vesyi is a Russian manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment. Own production facilities of the company allow producing scales for cargoes from 10 milligrams to 150 tons of various accuracy class for warehousing and transport logistics, customs service, production complexes, agricultural enterprises, trade, construction sites. The use of high-quality sensors produced by world leaders ensures high metrological characteristics of the products.

Business Russia“Business Russia” is an all-Russian public organization representing the interests of private non-oil companies that achieve leading positions in their industries. The organization, founded in 2001, unites more than 3 thousand. Businessmen. The total number of employees at the enterprises of “business Russia”-about 1 million people, and the total annual revenue of enterprises-about 2.8 trillion rubles. “Business Russia” is represented in 83 subjects of the Russian Federation and includes 48 committees.
Business Russia actively promotes the interests of the business community and interacts with the authorities. Members of the organization are in 270 advisory and expert structures of the federal and international levels. The Business association participates in work on improvement of the investment climate and improvement of regulatory environment, helps to create mechanisms of support of the Russian industry in foreign markets, promotes attraction of foreign investments.

Albert Hoffmann GmbH52249, Germany, Ashweiler/Eschweiler, Bergrather Straße 66-70
Phone: + 49 (2403) 798-254, + 375 (154) 622-909
E-mail: j.neumann@albert-hoffmann.de, hoffmann@interbearing.by, http://albert-hoffmann.de/ru/

Albert Hoffmann GmbH is a steelworks and shredder manufacturer with 200 employees,
Founded in 1917.

  • Complete shredding units from 200 to 8000 hp. (new or used)
  • Breakers, double rotor mills, vertical mills
  • Specializes in the production and maintenance of rotors
  • Cast fast-paced parts
  • Large spare parts warehouse
  • Service for all shredders


Research and Production CompanyKaluga, ul. Crystal, 22
Phone: + 7 (4842) 922-199
E-mail: info@erga.ru, www.erga.ru

ERGA HAS been producing a wide range of recycling equipment for more than 27 years:

  • Powerful iron-selates to extract large commodity scrap;
  • Magnetic separators to solve a wide range of magnetic separation problems;
  • Vortex separators to maximize the extraction of the conductive fraction;
  • Electrostatic separators for high-performance extraction of non-ferrous and precious metals;
  • Industrial metal detectors for the detection of black and non-ferrous metals;
  • Recycling complexes, including both basic (iron separators, separators, detectors, etc.), and additional equipment (conveyors, bunkers, feeders, rumbles).

THE NGO “ERGA” provides service, provides modernization and repair of domestic and imported equipment.

Geoelement115114 Moscow, Paveletskaya NAB. D 2 p. 2, “Loffville”, of. 50
Bodies. + 7 (495) 137-55-32
E-mail: info@geo-element.ru, http://www.geo-element.ru

LLC Geoelementrenders a full cycle of services in introduction of the modern portable equipment in production activity of the companies of different level and specialization. The clients include companies such as Bauman MSTU, JSC “Electromechanics”, JSC “Metallservice”, JSC “Uralmetprom”, FSBI “VIMS”, PJSC “Polus”,” Institute of Oceanology ” and many others.
The organization provides services for the sale and rental of spectrometers, diffractometers and microscopes to determine the composition of substances. Particular attention is paid to the development of methodology for specific tasks of customers, training, consulting services, maintenance, as well as the development and production of auxiliary equipment.

zeppelin143441, Moscow Region, Krasnogorskiy District, Putilkovo Post Office, mring 69 km, Mtces Greenwood, building 31
Tel. + 7 495 221 35 35
www.zeppelin.ru, www.zeppelin.com

Zeppelin Russland LLC has been successfully working in the Russian market for 15 years. Our company is the official dealer of the Caterpillar, the leading global manufacturer of special vehicles in Central, Northwestern and parts of Volga and Southern Federal Districts of the Russian Federation. Sales of special vehicles are the main activity of our company. We offer a wide range of both new and used machines under Cat® trademark.

Besides, we represent SEM products and AccuGrade® intelligent control systems. Zeppelin Russland also provides service and original spare parts. . Our customers include modern enterprises that are rapidly developing in civil, industrial and road construction, oil&gas and mining industries. Our customers also include mechanical engineering, transport and trade organizations that need standby power systems with a high energy conversion efficiency index.

TEL: +37052126600
e-mail: info@vcbaltic.com, http://www.vcbaltic.com

Lithuanian based company „VC Baltic“ buying and selling metals all around the world, that’s why we can serve any clients desire and act quickly. We are international company who dealing with scrap all around the world and we have our own yard located in Vilnius. Our monthly tonnage is around 2500-3000 MT. We are BIR Gold Member. Our position of non ferrous scrap is which can be interesting for you is brass. More than 25 years of experience in international metal trade have made us real professionals and the best partner for our customers. That is why the metal world is in our hands.

zdasZdas, A.S. (JSC “Zhyas”)
Czech Republic, 591 01, Zhyar-Na-Savawa, ul. Stroirenska 675/6
Phone Number: + 420 566 642 451
E-mail: jan.zdrazil@zdas.cz, www.zdas.com

Shareholders’ Society started more than 68 years ago. The production program of the society is still wide. Among the best-selling equipment of the brand in Europe is the equipment for processing black and colored scrap metal. Manufactured in both stationary and mobile versions with different cutting and packing efforts. The production program includes special equipment, including a hydraulic press for the treatment of nuclear waste. Our offerings are suitable for both small and large scrap metal processors.

Svyatogor125009, Moscow, Tverskaya Boulevard, 14 pp. 1
Tel: + 7 (495) 777-11-26
E-mail: info@tsuz.ru, www.цуз.рф

LLC Svyatogoris a modern innovative company developing specific IT solutions for different industries including metallurgical. In 2017, Svyatogor LLC launched a project for the scrap procurement industry, “The Procurement Accounting Center” (PAC), a special software product that makes it possible to pay for scrap metal online directly to the bank cards of individual customers. Main advantages of the PAC: costless integration, quick and easy launch, possibility of integration into the client’s ERP system, direct payments to plastic cards of any bank, instant money transfer, the limitation of the transfer per one card up to 3 million rubles

INOBRRussia, 119049, Moscow, Leninskiy Ave., 2a. Office 803
Tel: + 7-(495)-638-44-51, + 7-(495) 638-45-36
E-mail: inobr@misis.ru, http://inobr.misis.ru

Institute of continuing education (INOBR)
Russia, 119049, Moscow, Leninsky Ave., 4.

MISISSince 2009, in MISIS has been successfully operating a structure that organizes continuous professional training of high quality-the Institute of continuing education (INOBR).
The Institute trains undergraduate and graduate students in absentia, conducts refresher courses and professional retraining.

Our Customers are the largest metallurgical enterprises: Severstal, Novolipetsk steel, Norilsk Nickel, United metallurgical company, RUSAL, Kazakhmys, Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant, etc.

High quality, customer focus, innovation-these are the main characteristics of our projects.

191002, St. Petersburg, ul. Driving around, D. 5, lit. A, office 231, driving around 5
+7 (812) 308-10-00, +7 (812) 308-10-00
E-mail: 2746227@gmail.com, https://delfi-law.ru

Law firm Delfispecializes in development of expert evaluations and decisions required for solution of the problem in the field of waste management, scrap metals, exploitation of explosive, fire-hazard and chemically hazardous production facilities, environmental and natural resources issues, labour protection and industrial safety. Belyaeva Natalya Sergeevna General Director of Delfi LLC assistant to the State Duma Deputy Valuev N.S. (First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Ecology of the State Duma of the Russian Federation) vice-Chairmen of the Committee on Environmental Management and Ecology of the All-Russian Public Organization “Business Russia” expert of the Working Group on Ecology and Environmental Management of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Professional153043 Russia, Ivanovo City, ul. Collective, 3b
Tel: + 7 (4932) 35-35-00, tel./Fax: + 74932353500
E-mail: info@profdst.ru, www.profdst.ru

ProfessionalLLC is a leading manufacturer of attachments for heavy equipment in Russia and CIS countries. The company annually manufacturers and sells over 1500 units of buckets with the capacity from 0.01 m3 to 40 m3, as well as grapples, log grapples, rippers, dozer ripper shanks and blades, booms, arms and other equipment.
Today Professional carries out direct deliveries of own products around the world, is the official dealer and a major supplier of hydraulic attachments, has operative regional warehouses in 35 regions of Russia and the CIS.

Jiang-Su-Dalongkai-Technology-Co-Ltd-Mo, Khimki, ul. Olimpij, 2.
Tel: + 7-916-8684281
http://russian.scrapbalermachine.com, E-mail: shoubiao@mail.ru

JiangSu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of lomo processing equipment in China.

Equipment and spare parts are supplied in the domestic market of China, Southeast Asia, India, South Africa and a number of other countries. The wide range of equipment includes hydraulic press scissors, shredding units, packing and briquette presses. The company responds quickly to market requests for equipment maintenance services.
In 2019, JiangSu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd. has decided to significantly increase the provision of its services, primarily for the supply of equipment in Russia.

Melytec117342, Moscow, ul. Betrothal D. 34/63 Page 2
Tel: + 7 (495) 781-07-85
info@melytec.ru, www.melytec.ru

MelitekLtd. delivers, implements and maintains equipment in the areas of:

  • spectrometers of chemical composition of materials and phase meters of materials
    Bruker /Germany/;
  • Optical and Mass Spectroscopy by Analytik Jena /Germany/;
  • Struers/Denmark/;
  • Olympus/Japan/;
  • Emco-Test /Austria/;
  • Nanovea/U// measurement equipment in the nanometer range
  • Thermo Scientific/Udesktop and floor models of electron microscopes
  • испытательные машины компании Walter+Bai /Швейцария/;
  • RUMUL/Switzerland’s high-frequency (resonance) test systems/;
  • NSI/U/.

South-Ural Mountain-Processing Company462360, Orenburg region, Novotroitsk, 5.4 km, West № 5
Tel/Fax: (3537) 65-61-11, 65-61-12
e-mail: info@yugpk.ru, http://www.yugpk.ru

South-Ural Mountain-Processing Company successfully engaged in the production of Fe-containing products for metallurgical production under the brand AKKERMANN METAL. Fe-concentrates of various grades are used as a raw material component for briquetting and sintering, directly in the blast furnace, electric furnace, ferroalloy and cupola production, as well as for secondary mechanical and thermal processing into semi-finished products.

AppPrommetal Ltd.
198097, St. Petersburg, ul. Marshal Govarova, D. 29, lit. A, of. № 239
Tel: + 7 (812) 989-01-05; + 7-999-249-49-49
E-mail: prom-metall@ro.ru, lomovozapp.ru

App “Lomovoz” is relevant database for work on the harvesting, recycling, storage and realization of scrap metal.
We had collected the matrix of functional opportunities, that the basis of actual information of demand and supply of scrap metall help to find new decision for your business quickly and easy, under the saving time of you.

alucon228 Makarios III Ave, Agios Pavlos Court A, Office 313
3030 Limassol, Cyprus
Mob. +357 9 946 4071, Tel. +357 25 747 800
E-mail: info@alucon.com.cy, http://www.alucon.com.cy

Alukon Limited is a dynamic trading company specializing in trading with the following products:

  • scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals
  • electronic scrap with precious metal content (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd)
  • secondary aluminium alloys by GOST, DIN, JIS
  • metallic silicon, manganese, magnesium

Our company has great experience with experts in the specific industry, having more than twenty five years of experience in the Japanese Market, which is considered to be one of the leading market of the world. T his gives us the ability to sell products at very competitive prices.