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Address: 105005, Moscow, per. B. Demidovsky, 12
Tel.: +7 (495) 663-12-58



TransLom is a successful and dynamically developing group of companies, established in 2007 to improve the efficiency of processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. It is engaged in the development of new innovative technologies in the field of handling hazardous industrial waste, disposal and advanced processing of scrap. TransLom is the only scrap metal company in the Russian Federation with an extensive network of licensed scrap processing sites throughout Russia.


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Moscow, st. Nametkina, house 16, building 1

7(495) 913-74-74


«Gazprombank» (Joint-Stock Company) is one of three largest banks in the Russian Federation in terms of total assets and equity. Our principal business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. Our banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, clearing operations and settlement services.
We provide a broad array of commercial banking services to a variety of our corporate customers, including lending in various currencies, trade finance, settlement and cash management services. One other very important sphere of our relationship with our corporate customers is funding we receive in the form of customer current accounts and term deposits.
Our investment banking activities include capital markets, brokerage, corporate finance and project finance services, asset management and private equity investments. In the course of our investment banking activities we conduct private equity investments in companies from different industries not connected with banking.


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Address: 117648, Moscow, Severnoe Chertanovo district, 1А, bld. 1 

Тел.: +7 495 783-59-59, 8 800 200-00-59

Факс: +7 495  926-46-19


QIWI is a bank that helps businesses simplify the process of settlements with individuals, to make working with suppliers not only convenient, but also beneficial.

We confidently take the third place in the rating “The most profitable banks in Russia in 2021” .

QIWI for recyclables is:

– a single account to which you can receive money and make instant payments to any cards;

– QIWI cards for suppliers, from which you can withdraw cash from ATMs of any banks without commission,

– a simple interface or API for generating reports,

– 24/7 support – we will answer all questions at any time.


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Address: 117105 Moscow, Varshavskoye shosse, 35, building 1, of. 317
Tel.: +7(499)703-14-73
CEO: Teng Yue

«HuaHong-Russ», LLC – representative office of the Jiangsu Huahong Technology plant, China’s largest manufacturer of equipment for the recycling resources. The engineering center and advanced production technologies are a guarantee of high quality and reliable operation of the supplied equipment in more than 90 countries of the world. A wide range of products (starting with alligator shears, scrap metal baling presses, waste automobile dismantling equipment to scrap metal shears and shredders), the ability to manufacture machines according to individual needs and short production time, allow you to effectively integrate equipment into the production cycle of any enterprise from a scrap plant to a steel mill.


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Address: 127322, Moscow, Ogorodny proezd, 20, building 21 office 306

Tel.: +7(495) 749 33 82


General Director Drynkin Pavel Aleksandrovich

Since 2005, BISNESORBITA Ltd. offers products of Chinese manufacturers for processing scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.For the time of the company’s operation, more than 350 units were delivered to the CIS countries: press scissors, alligator scissors, shredder plants, baling and briquetting presses, chip briquetting lines, car shredding, cable products, mixed scrap metal, engines, etc., wearing and spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service are established. We fully supply spare parts for any equipment delivered from China.
All products sold on the territory of Russia have certificates of conformity. Our experts have visited many enterprises in China. Today we can offer only quality products from the best Chinese manufacturers. At present, we are repairing, servicing, improving, modernizing existing and supplied equipment


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Филиал «ПростоБанк» Банка «КУБ» (АО)
Адрес:  119048, Москва, ул. Усачева, д. 35, стр. 1
Телефон: 8 800 500-16-86


Просто|Банк — онлайн-банк для бизнеса, проект Банка «КУБ» (АО), Группа Газпромбанка. Банк «КУБ» (АО) успешно работает на рынке уже 28 лет. Аналитическое Кредитное Рейтинговое Агентство (АКРА) в 2021 году присвоило Банку «КУБ» (АО) кредитный рейтинг на уровне «A+(RU)» по национальной рейтинговой шкале со «стабильным» прогнозом.
Просто|Банк стремится стать по-настоящему близким помощником для предпринимателей и сделать банковский сервис легким и понятным. Ориентируясь на современные IT-решения, Банк предлагает своим клиентам самые востребованные для ведения бизнеса продукты и услуги. Расчетно-кассовое обслуживание, торговый эквайринг, кредитование – топ online-продуктов Просто|Банка, востребованных малым бизнесом.
Новый отраслевой сервис Просто|Лом от Просто|Банка – это специальный комплекс банковских услуг для ломозаготовительной отрасли, который упрощает расчеты между предприятиями-приемщиками лома и ломосдатчиками и способствует переводу потока платежей в безналичный расчет. Сервис обеспечивает on-line процесс управления сделками, оперативный электронный документооборот с банком, составление необходимой для сделки документации.


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Address: 107045, Moscow, Posledniy pereulok, 24

Tel.: +7 (495) 266-63-81


General Director: Kornev Alexander Vladimirovich


ALMAZ LLC – IT company was incorporated in 2008 successfully implemented an industry-specific solution – automatic web system of assuring payments with persons who deliver scrap to the plants “KASSA-LOM”.
ALMAZ LLC provides an individual approach to each client – connecting to the system does not require any costs, various integration schemes with accounting systems, several versions of the program and special conditions for scrap collectors are implemented. Our clients are more than 630 companies including the bigest metallurgical holdings.
All payments are absolutely sefety (PCI DSS), and providing with the TOP 10 Russian banks (VTB Bank PAO-General Partner) to any cards – VISA, MasterCard, Mir.


Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 127287, Moscow st. 2nd Khutorskaya, 38A, building 26
E-mail: ;


Tinkoff is an online financial ecosystem for individuals and enterprises. Online banking services on favorable terms. Individual solutions for different business needs. Tinkoff provides both basic banking products (cash and settlement services, loans, foreign economic activities support, acquiring) and services for optimizing business processes: ready-made and flexible solutions for payoff to various types of contractors.


Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 644036 , Omsk, 2-ya Kazakhstanskaya, bld. 1/1

Tel.: +7 (3812) 5 13286



«Metallokassa» Group of Companies, Omsk
The “Metallokassa” was founded in 2003 and has been engaged in receiving and processing non-ferrous and ferrous scarp metal for 19 years. Metallokassa has a collection point in the each district of the city and offers the most competitive prices and a great service on modern equipment. Metallokassa possesses an extensive fleet of trucks and special technical vehicles.
The “Metallokassa” has stepped up work towards the receiving and processing of high-speed steel scrap, rare earth metals (tin, babbits, solders) and electronic scrap as well.
The “Metallokassa” is engaged in the production and sale of aluminum alloy and is certified in this area by the International Certificate.


Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 115573, r. Moscow, st. Musa Jalil, 2-1-190, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 604-42-29

CEO: Andrey Kuznetsov
NTM LLC is the official representative of the industrial factory Birim Makina, Turkey, а leading manufacturer of moblle and stationary shears, baling presses, shredders, material handling machines on tracks and wheels. Birim Makina is the full-cycle manufacturer that manufactures cylinders, pipelines, shear frames, cross-heads and other components. Annual production  volume – 65-75 units.

 NTM LLC since 2021 has Ьееn representing Birim Makina on the territory of the former USSR repuЫics, it has а service department and а spare parts warehouse in the Russian Federation.

AII supplied products are fully certified, ОТТS certificates are issued for moblle shears and balers, on material handling machines PSM


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Address: 117587, Moscow, Varshavskoye shosse, 118, building 1

Tel.: +7(495)7415904


General Director Gazizov Rishat Rafisovich



SYNERCON LLC has a 15-year history and is an official representative of the world leading manufacturers of analytical and measuring equipment. “SYNERCON supplies universal hardness testers, testing machines, LEICA microscopes as well as HITACHI metal chemistry analyzers. Portable X-MET 8000 analyzers from HITACHI have proven to be reliable and accurate tools for fast determination of chemical composition, grade and value of metals. HITACHI’s FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart compact laboratories perform high precision analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the foundry environment. The SYNERCON service team provides technical support.


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Addres: 119619 г. Moscow, st. Prosivodstvenaya st. 11, стр. 6, офис 211.

tel: +7(499) 350-66-50




SciAps, Inc. (USA), is specializing in portable analytical instruments. Their industry-leading X-ray fluorescence (X series) and laser-based (Z series) chemical composition analyzers are at work across every major industry, oil/gas, metals, mining, aerospace, strategic metals (lithium, rare-earths), scrap recycling, forensics, science.

New X is the- best XRF gun ever made for scrap metal sorting. It’s the lightest weight analyzer ever created, 1,35 kg, in a mostly metal frame for ultimate durability.

Z measure B and Li in aluminum, refractory elements in stainless and high temps like Ni, Co, Nb, Mo, W, Ta; Z is the only portable LIBS measuring carbon content in steels.


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 140050, Moscow region, c. Lyubertsy, Kraskovo,  2 Zaviskaya st., b.2
Тel.:+7 (499) 705-97-93


The Torg-Koms group of companies includes: Machine-building plant TK-Invest – the largest Russian manufacturer of garbage containers and metal containers for collecting and storing municipal solid waste, containers for the «multilift» system, OPENTOP containers, as well as bodies for scrap trucks and other special equipment.

Special equipment plant TK LIFT specializing in the production of cars with hook installations (multi-lifts), scrap trucks, garbage trucks, and also provides service and warranty services for special equipment.

The clients of our company in Russia and abroad are the largest metallurgical and scrap collection companies, regional waste management operators, meat and wood processing companies, as well as other enterprises using special equipment and containers in their field of activity.


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Moscow, Novoslobodskaya str., 31 bld.4
Тel.: +7 495 792 82 55


Vtorium is an industry payment service for scrap collecting companies, a subsidiary of Sberbank. Our service meets market requirement in a best way and ensures comfortable interaction with the bank.
Vtorium’s special features are: the ability to use desktop, tablet, and mobile version in the same time; quick and simple integration with 1C and the ability to use web interface; simplified compliance; individual approach to each client; special conditions when transferring to Sberbank cards.
The installation is free and takes 15-20 minutes. Personal manager, customer support 24×7.


Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 630099, Novosibirsk, Deputatskaya st., 46
Tel.: 8 (499) 403 17 34


Jump Finance is the automation of payments and document flow for scrap manufacturers.
Payments are made to the cards of any Russian banks with a minimum bank fee.

We offer high transaction limits, ability to work with several banks simultaneously, automation of contracts and acceptance certificates, Open API for integrating the system into your own software, 24/7 customer support, a personal account with a history of payments and granting rights to an employee.


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125424, Moscow, Volokolamskoe shosse, 88, p. 8

+7 (495) 565–38–05


General Director: Marat Zinnatullin

Techno Union+ LLC – is an engineering company that develops and supplies special equipment for waste management, cargo transportation, as well as equipment for road repair and maintenance. A wide range of equipment and related equipment, the presence of its own spare parts warehouse, field service and regional service network allow the Techno Union+ company to offer a convenient way of cooperation on a turn-key basis. All equipment is produced on the basis of our own production facilities, which allows us to optimize the cost and quality of the produced equipment, as well as guarantee a long operational life.


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199178 , Saint Petersburg ,Maly prospect V.O.,57,bldg.3
Tel.: +7(812)389-24-74


For more than 15 years, Silnye Mashiny has been supplying modern solutions for the processing and disposal of industrial and household waste, cargo-handling equipment.
The line of supplied equipment includes shears and press, shredders and crushers for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, excavator shears and crushers, granulators for cable, cranes and winches, container tilters. AT Machinery is a reliable partner of Silnye mashiny, as well as an authorized dealer of Italmek, which specializes in the production of high-quality attachments – hydraulic shears for cutting scrap and crushers for dismantling buildings and concrete structures.

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Dr. Viktor Haefeli

Tel.: +7 968 739 21 45

Smart Resources specializes in supporting authorities and the recycling industry to further develop the circular economy. We bring all stakeholders together to create innovative solutions for a better environment. Waste is energy and secondary raw material at the wrong place. Let’s the material and energy circuits close smartly. This requires effective and feasible directives and the best available waste to energy and recycling technology. That is the added value of smart resources to the customer.


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Адрес:  188505, Ленинградская область, Ломоносовский район, Аннинское городское поселение,
д. Пески, пром.зона Пески, Складской переулок, 55

Тел.: +7(812) 926 46 00


Генеральный директор: Баскаков Александр Анатольевич

ВторМетТех – это торговая марка оборудования для переработки кабеля (станки для разделки кабеля), мелкосерийное производство. Разработка, проектирование и производство оборудования для переработки кабеля.
Станки для разделки кабеля ВторМетТех отличаются высоким качеством, надежностью, производительностью и безопасностью. Специально разработанные ножи для резки бронированного кабеля, работающие без замены годами. Конструкция сочетает высокую точность и высокую мощность одновременно. Ручная сборка. Качество нашего оборудования не уступит и даже превзойдёт качество европейских производителей. При этом, ценовая политика приятно удивит по соотношению к качеству.
С нашим оборудованием не просто работают, с нашим оборудованием просто зарабатывают.

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Адрес: 121351, Москва, ул. Ивана Франко, д. 48Г, стр.4

Тел.: +7  (495) 626 59 43

Факс: +7 (495) 564 80 52


Portable instruments for rapid analysis of the metals, alloys, and crude ores chemical composition:
– Handheld and stationary XRF spectrometers Thermo NITON;
– Handled- LIBS spectrometers Rigaku Katana;
– Stationary laboratory spark OE spectrometers Arun.
Instruments are oriented for the PMI of metal-rolls, raw materials and stock quality control, analysis during the melting and casting, final product quality control of ferrous and nonferrous alloy. Equipment is optimal adapted for the industrial welfare and provide rapid and simple sample preparation analysis.
We provide full chain of equipment supplying: consulting, shipment, training, service, consumables.

Sponsors and exhibitors196084, St. Petersburg, nab. Obvodnogo kanala 118 bld. 17А

Tel.: + 7 (812) 602-16-36



MegaRex – we supply full range of scrap handling and scrap processing equipment! Equipment made by best worldwide producers

High quality service
Huge stock of spare parts

• Atlas – worldwide well-known German quality material handlers
• Dynaset – Hydraulic Magnet Generators from Finland. Can be installed at any kind of hudraulic machine
• LaBounty – pioneer in producing scrap shears. The biggest cutting force in a market!
• Idromec – leader of US shear-baller market! Produce powerfull and reliable equipment for heavy scrap recycling

We keep in touch with our customers to provide them best solution for their business!

Sponsors and exhibitors


Address: ZI de Kerpont, BP 60328, 56603 Lanester Cedex, France

Tel. +7 (495) 721 90 74

Email :

Frédéric MALIN, Chairman & CEO

The French company has been designing, manufacturing and selling hydraulic scrap shears and balers for the recycling of scrap and metals for 74 years. More than 800 references in France and all over the world.

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Address: 109316 Moscow, Volgogradskiy prospect,  26 bld. 1, room 1310-1311, floor 13

Tel.:  + 7 (495) 660-20-17


Director General: Igor Maltceff

ARDEN EQUIPMENT is a French manufacturer of mechanical & hydraulic attachments for reloading machines, excavators & hydraulic cranes. Our range includes hydraulic scrap shears for cutting metal, rails & sheet metal, various sorting grabs & scrap grabs for metal.

Sponsors and exhibitors

Address: 420111, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Universitetskaya street, h. 14, room. 8, of. 12
Phone: ‭8 (800) 775-16-00 ‬
Website: ,
CEO: Alexander Shepelev

Taurus Motors is a factory of special machinery and equipment for scrap metal processing: scrap trucks, cable processing lines and machines, grappling grips, press shears, stationary manipulators, crane manipulator plants, etc.
The company is an official dealer of 13 manufacturing plants TAURUS, VH Maschinen & Technik, PALFINGER (Pod”emnye mashiny, Velmash, Inman, Epsilon), MISTRA, Hydraulica Petras, Qd, Mayslynn, BZAP, Torg-Coms-Group, Gaode, Steinert GmbH.
Taurus Motors is:
• 10 warehouses in Russia;
• representative office in Germany;
• more than 3000 items of spare parts in stock;
• field service in Russia and CIS countries.

Sponsors and exhibitorsTel.: +7 495 374 81 89


Mandarin ™ – Payment platform for advanced companies. Automation of financial flows for operators of collection and processing of recyclable materials. Send money to individuals 24/7/365 with instant crediting. Use cards of any Russian banks.
• No integration – Mandarin allows you to make payments without integration – using a special module. See DEMO
• Mobile – you can use a ready-made module for payments from any smartphone or tablet.
Technological – For advanced integrations, an open API and our online support service are always available to you.
Safe – The high level of security of your payments is confirmed by the international PCI.DSS certificate.

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The Joint Stock Company State Research Center of the Russian Federation Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research (TRINITI JSC) is an enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

The results of the research carried out by JSC “SRC RF TRINITI” have a high degree of novelty, are extremely relevant and have a wide scope of application.

A family of mobile laser technological complexes designed in JSC “SRC RF TRINITI” on the basis of a serial ytterbium laser which can be used for:


Remote laser cutting using transport fiber (up to 100m):
• fragmentation of equipment (steam generators, reactor vessels etc.) of the dismantled NPP units;
• underwater gas laser cutting of metal structures;
• elimination of pollution of the coastline and nearshore zone in case of emergency oil spills
Remote laser cutting (up to 300 m):
• liquidation of accidents, including those with open gushing, at gas and oil fields;
• cutting (dismantlement) and fragmentation of the large-sized thick-walled metal and building structure (including submarines and ships);
• destruction of ice formations;

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Russian Federation, Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya 10, building 12
+7 (495) 640-57-74

PVP SNK LLC is a long-term official authorized distributor of Olympus Corporation, a manufacturer of portable X-ray fluorescent chemical composition analyzers Olympus Vanta. Vanta portable XRF analyzers are designed for sorting and recycling of secondary raw materials, scrap and meet the requirements of the IP55 standard (protection against dust and water jets), successfully passed the drop test in accordance with the MIL-STD-810G standard, which determines the level of equipment durability in the most adverse operating conditions. The Vanta analyzer measures a wide range of alloys and metals, including: Non-ferrous alloys, Low alloy steels, Aluminum and light alloys, Copper, Precious metals.

Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 119180  Mocow, 2-nd Kazachiy lane, 11 bld. 1, fl./room/office 2/1/6-8

Tel.: +7(499) 490-49-28


Director: Victor Kovshevny

Association «National Self-Regulated Organization of Enterprises for the Treatment of Metal Scrap, Production and Consumption Wastes»

Being the only industry partnership of the scrap processors in Russia, RUSLOM.COM has a national regulating status of the organization. The members of RUSLOM.COM are independent scrap-processors, exporters and traders, more than 160 companies from the procurement integrated iron-and-steel works, which are leaders of the market and State programs. The members of RUSLOM.COM have 100% Russian shredding capacity and 75% of Russian scrap-steel market in terms of size of consumption.
For the 7 years of RUSLOM.COM activity the highness of market coupling was accomplished, resulting in strong consolidating position building in business, in coordination with State authorities and others organizations for the industry problem solution, as well as for and its development.

Sponsors and exhibitors

Address: 119180  Moscow, 2-nd Kazachiy lane, 11bld. 1

Tel.: +7(495) 980 06 08


Director General: Andrey Zelenin

The tasks of LLC Rating Agency Rusmet include the creation in Russia of a system of sectoral rating and market analysis, prices and their indices in the field of metal, metal products, scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
For these purposes, we provide our clients with a wide range of services, the main of which, of course, are analytical studies of the metal scrap market, prices in this market, as well as an assessment of the reliability of the entities involved in the collection, storage, processing and sale of scrap and metal waste.
We hope that our experience, the professional qualities of our employees, the knowledge base we have in the field of handling metals and scrap from it, will allow us to answer all your questions in the relevant field.

Sponsors and exhibitors

DIMET Magnetics Ltd
Romana Erdyakova st., 42, Kirov, 610046, Russia;
Tel.: +7 (8332) 411-511
CEO: Rogov Sergei

We produce:
– Lifting electromagnets for various cargoes;
– Voltage converters and power supplies;
– Orange peel grabs for metal scrap and bulk material;
– Hydraulic grabs for material handlers;
– Lifting beams;
– Lifting cranes (overhead, gantry, jib);
– Magnetic separators;
– Lifting tongs;
– Lifting C-type hooks;
– Cable reel.
We provide the following services:
– Lifting electromagnets of any manufacturer replacement and repairing.
– Designing a technology of various cargo types transferring and further implementation on customers site.


Sponsors and exhibitors52249, Germany, /Eschweiler,Bergrather Straße 66-70

Tel.: +49 (2403) 798-254, +375 (154) 622-909


The Albert Hoffmann GmbH is a steel foundry and shredder manufacturer, established in 1917 with currently 200 employees.
Complete shredder installations from 200 to 8000HP (new or 2nd hand)
Pre-Shredders, Double-rotor mills, Vertical-Mills
Specialised in rotor manufacturing and maintenance
Casting wear parts
Big stock of spare parts
Service for all shredders

Sponsors and exhibitorsAddress: 198035, St. Petersburg, Gapsalskaya str., bld.5, lit. А, Business Center “Baltika”, office701

Tel.: +7 (812) 680-19-99


Uni-Blok Limited Liability Company (Uni-Blok LLC) was established on February 28, 2007. Since its foundation, the company has been engaged in recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous steel scrap.
Company activity is focused on North-Western part of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Murmansk Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region, Tver Region, Republic of Karelia). Since 2011, the company entered the international market and successfully supplies steel scrap to the markets of Europe, Asia and Turkey. In 2018 our company was recognized as a leader of steel scrap export from port of Saint-Petersburg.Over the years of successful work, the volume of processing of raw materials increased by more than 30 times, and the number of production sites (including branches) increased to 80.

Sponsors and exhibitors

Address: 423800 Naberezhnye Chelny,

Production passage, 49

Тел.: 8 (8552) 923-924



Balta Press is the leading plant in Russia for the production of equipment for scrap processing with its own scrap collection site Balta Metals.
Balta Press designs and manufactures: CPS series shears, MH series Alligator shears, PP series baling presses, scrap trucks, grabs and other equipment. The equipment is designed according to the world’s leading technologies in the field of processing and is manufactured in Russia in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.
BALTA Group of Companies is your expert in scrap processing.

1/18  Ozerkovskiy line,  

Sponsors and exhibitors

                                                                                  115184, Moscow, Russia



General Director Maxim Yaushev

Sibproekt JSC is a major processor of raw materials and waste containing precious and non-ferrous metals. Production facilities are located in Krasnoyarsk and in the Moscow region. The Company is actively developing in the field of disassembly and disposal of electronic scrap and other waste. The license for collection, transportation, processing and disposal includes an extensive list of waste. The unit for sampling of raw material in the form of radioelectronic scrap and preparing samples for analysis is approved by a certified method. In the Moscow region,an enterprise for the release of products made of industrial precious metals is operating. The Company’s specialists are qualified in the development of technologies and equipment, production control in the field of metallurgy.


Sponsors and exhibitors
+ 7 (8482) 551-777


Akron Holding is one of the largest vertically integrated full-cycle industrial and metallurgical corporations in Russia, a market leader in collecting and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.
The Holding enterprises are engaged in production of metal work, cable and wire products, as well as in processing and recycling of secondary resources and all types of electronic waste.
The Holding is actively investing in the development of the production facilities, expanding and upgrading the process equipment. With its own independent scrap collection network, the Holding is more flexible in terms of pricing and delivery times, which favorably distinguishes it from most competitors.
Lean production, continuous quality control, focus on environmental friendliness of technological processes, respect for partners and employees – these are the constituents of the Holding’s success, enabling the company to gain and maintain a leading position and business reputation in the market.

Sponsors and exhibitors  


Electrotherm (India) was established in 1983 for manufacturing Induction Melting Furnaces, which were used only in foundry industry till then. ET customized it for steelmaking application, a move that was even denounced by all other contemporary induction furnace manufacturers. Today, around 70 million tons of steel is produced through Induction route around the world, thanks to the initiatives of Electrotherm. And no wonder all those who were opposed to steelmaking through Induction route had no alternative but to follow the suit, or vanished eventually.

The journey of Electrotherm was based on openness for ideas, eagerness to innovate, supplemented by in-house research & development and focus on customer-centric product and process development. Electrotherm kept designing and manufacturing larger capacities furnaces, suitable refining equipment like ladle furnaces and metal refining konverters, high speed continuous casting machine and various gadgets for improving productivity and quality of steel produced. It incorporated mechanized charging system and high-end plant automation with SCADA and DCS for reducing dependency on manpower, introduced proper fume capturing and de-dusting system for making steel plant through Induction Furnace route a cleaner affair.


Sponsors and exhibitors

«The Inventor and Innovator» (IR) magazine

Address: 117437, Moscow, Profsoyuznaya street, 108

Tel.: +7 (916) 227-5379


Chief editor: Valentin Borodin

«The Inventor and Innovator» (IR) magazine – the Russian quality press, which publishes since 1929 year. The target audience of ‘The Inventor and Innovator’ magazine are specialists from research institutions and construction bureaus, leading engineers, businessmen and decision makers, who represent various Ministers and Government Departments. Every edition includes information about more than 100 different technical novelties of the invention’s level from testing models to outstanding elaborations. We also give information about intellectual properties and legislation.